Professional Development

Providing our clients with exceptional service by providing our staff with exceptional support.

Some business owners seek us out because they’re looking for a smaller firm that has a more personal, accessible style.

They’re not disappointed. They are, however, sometimes surprised to learn that a firm of our size also provides our staff with the kinds of resources most often found only at much larger firms. At Merzbach & Solomon, P.C., we support the daily work and the professional career growth of our people with best-in-class business processes, library resources, information technology and opportunities for continuing legal education. It’s an approach that serves the needs of our staff and our clients at the same time.

Continuous learning is central to everything we do. I’ve been fully supported in my efforts to add to my knowledge of the law, and no less importantly, to apply that knowledge to provide practical counsel that is tailored to clients’ needs and goals."

William L. Law, III
Senior Attorney

We respect our clients.

We know they are good at what they do. They measure success by what they accomplish.

We join our clients in grappling with legal issues as part of a business process. We are driven to understand businesses and projects with keen insight so that we can equip our clients to fashion legal strategies that work. We are business lawyers with an uncommon amount of business sense.

Firm Culture