The best way to hire the best is to be the best.

In our pursuit of top professional talent who will also be a good fit for the way we work, we’ve found that our best recruiters are often the legal professionals who already work here.

They exemplify many of the qualities we seek as we add new and experienced professionals to our firm.

Every law practice says that it works hard but respects your life. We really do. We expect hard work and self-discipline, and sometimes long hours. We expect this because we are confident that our people will be inspired by what they do here. But a career makes no sense to us if it’s all there is to life. So we expect our professionals to come to work with enthusiasm drawn from their other passions and interests, whatever those may be, and to enrich their lives with a strong and vibrant career life. We think the whole truly can be greater than the sum of the parts.

Maybe most of all we expect our people to invest in themselves. Law is always a learning process. We want everyone on our team to learn about the law, about business, about people, about what really works in business law practice. Our professionals are people who learn the law and also learn to think for themselves. We’ll coach our professionals generously but in the end we believe that people who share a goal of making themselves the best professionals they can be can enjoy great and enduring success together.

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We respect our clients.

We know they are good at what they do. They measure success by what they accomplish.

We join our clients in grappling with legal issues as part of a business process. We are driven to understand businesses and projects with keen insight so that we can equip our clients to fashion legal strategies that work. We are business lawyers with an uncommon amount of business sense.

Firm Culture